Bulk Find/Replace

Joplin for Desktop 1.0.233 on Linux Mint 20 (Cinnamon)

In order to get notes from OneNote (I’ve been using the web version since that’s all that is available for Linux) over to Joplin, I had to install OneNote and Evernote on a Windows VM, import the notes from OneNote to Evernote, then export from Evernote in ENEX format, then import to Joplin.

The Windows desktop version of OneNote ended up throwing “Created with Microsoft OneNote 2016.” on every single note… Is there a way to do a bulk find/replace? I’d like to find ever instance of that string and replace it with “”.

Unfortunately there isn’t now, but if you’re comfortable with scripting, Joplin has an API that makes this sort of thing really easy.

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A possible "non-scripting / API" solution was discussed on this forum a few weeks ago.

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Great, thank you! I’m not sure why that didn’t come up in my search results yesterday…