Find and Replace

+1: Find and Replace built into Joplin native would be a great tool.

+1: I cannot second this enough. Find and Replace built into Joplin native would let me work on more complex markdown notes at ease. Right now, I have to keep them simpler, which will impact my workflow eventually.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You - this tool has solved a number of issues for me! Good work. :1st_place_medal: :heart_eyes:

What difference would it make to built it native?

@rxliuli I think it would be interesting have an option to activate metacharacters at least in the "replaced text" box. If I want to search "

" and put two newline chars in that place, how can I do that?

@oscaretu Because of the joplin search limit, I think this is impossible? @laurent

What do you mean by metacharacter?

I hope it's okay to do a little self-promotion here...
I made a small plugin that adds search and replace on a per note basis: Plugin: Search and Replace

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I think, @oscaretu meant something like \n, \t, \uxxxx, and other special characters.

@laurent , as @FelisDiligens answered: \n, \t, \uxxxx`, and other special characters