File System Sync with Network Location


what happens when a “Directory to sychronize witgh (absolute path)” is not available ?
My user-related files (Windows “Documents”) are located on a network drive and occasionally maintained (meaning not available).
Is it save to setup a File System Sync to a destionation that may not always be available?


I think it depends non the exact setup (I don’t know much about this stuff).
But we have had reports on here from people that set that up where they end up losing all their notes when a sync is initialized. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Well I dont know either. Since sync is time triggered I might just have been lucky a long time. I know this can be disabled, but that’s not what I want.

I have later experienced a screw-up related to a network change. I cannot reproduce exactly what happended, but the Sync Directory absolute path changed. Initially I did not notice anything, but at some point all my notes where gone. I was able to revert from a backup and lost only 2-3 notes. But that got me thinking whether a network drive is save to sync to…

I wouldn’t risk it. Use a local directory for Joplin sync and then use something else to replicate/sync the data to your network drive.
I use my own cloud system (nextcloud) so I don’t have the problem. Where is your netowork drive? On a NAS? They usually provide WebDAV access.

It’s a corporate it-system a work. User related Documents etc. are stored on a network drive.
Makes sense for centralized backup.

I switched to dropbox sync now …
Anyway thanks.

A possible solution I will look at is saving a ‘SyncNotes’ folder via an app like syncthing it may be problematic with conflicts but worth a shot. Dropbox currently works like a charm and I have WebDAV as an option too.