Syncing from Android app to Windows share

I’ve got the Windows app syncing to a local folder, which I’ve shared on the network.

I’m trying to get the Android app to sync to that shared folder but am getting:

04-30T17:16:44: "Error: Error: Directory could not be created. Path: smb//username:password@"

I also tried Windows UNC path

Does the Android app support network shares like this? If not, can it?

Joplin version: 1.0.243
Android version: 9 (build PQ2A.190405.003)

I’m not sure, if that works, but I’ve noticed that there should be a : after smb, like smb://.

But, please be aware that using network shares is dangerous. You could lose all data!!!

If Joplin encountered an empty path (which would happen in case of a network error or when it can’t reach the smb share for some other reason), it would delete all your local notes and they are gone. The filesystem sync is for local filesystems only. You can always rsync them to a network share or use a sync client. Just make sure that Joplin does not encounter an empty target path by accident. As I said, all your notes will be gone.

@laurent we should add something to the documentation and explain this behavior.

@tessus Thank you for the response. The missing : was a typo on my part, it’s there in the app configuration. I’ll have to try to find some other option that doesn’t require setting up a separate service for syncing notes between devices.

@ebellinger I can suggest WebDAV or Nextcloud. I’ve been using Nextcloud for years and syncing Joplin with Nextcloud is working splendidly.

@tessus Thank you, but I was hoping for a simple solution that doesn’t require extra servers or services on my Windows machine to get the sync to work. I’m sure Nextcloud works great, but I’m not interested in setting up and maintaining a server for it. If I find a simple solution that works for me, I’ll post back here or in the Lounge.

@ebellinger understood. However, there are small and simple WebDAV servers. It’s basically like an smb share, but you won’t have to be afraid that your data will be lost…

There are also some Nextcloud providers but probably the good ones are not free.

Yes, definitely needs to be pointed out clearly. Thanks for highlighting. Just off to change the method of syncing from my PC to my NAS.