Portable hard drive cannot achieve synchronization

Portable hard drive cannot achieve synchronization
I planned to synchronize two computers through folder mode, but failed.
I do this:

  1. Both computers use local folder synchronization, and the synchronization folder is set to c: \ syn \ **
  2. Use a USB flash drive to ensure that the c: \ syn \ *. * of both computers are completely consistent. When adding notes, first do it on one computer, and then copy it to the synchronization folder on another computer using a USB flash drive, keeping joplin synchronized with the latest folder.
    However, Joplin content updated on one computer cannot be updated on Jolin on another computer.
    This is very puzzling.

There is a long explanation why this does not work.
But the short version is : Joplin is not meant to work this way. It the "copy it to the sync folder" which gets you in trouble.

Yes, thank you! I think of that,too.

However, there seems to be nothing wrong with this usage method. Usually, such use should be taken seriously. Because this approach can completely enable Joplin to achieve synchronization without relying on the internet.

Of course, I understand this design.

I guess Joplin locks the configuration of the synchronization path with a certain field in the local database, with the intention of avoiding data confusion caused by different sources. But doing so is a bit stiff, especially when the synchronization folder is completely consistent, and the system still compares and reconstructs it from beginning to end, which feels too cumbersome. If the great developer Laurent could consider giving users a setting option in the next version, I think it would be an improvement, and I would also be very grateful!

I think this method of synchronisation should actually work perfectly fine with file system sync. One thing that has caught my eye here is the funky folder path with the *.* in there. Is this how you actually have it set in Joplin? If yes, then this isn't going to work. You just need to provide a full path to the folder, e.g. C:\Joplin\Sync, etc. without any wildcards and such.

I would also suggest starting from scratch and seeing what happens when you try to sync the first Joplin instance, move the drive to another computer, and then try to sync the other one using the same file system sync location. Screenshots of the actual error messages would be helpful too!

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding caused by my unclear words. The synchronization path is not a problem in the joblin. The synchronization was successful on both computers I used.
Thank you!

Perhaps the above statement is not clear, let me give another example to describe this synchronization bug again:

  1. There are thousands of notes in computer A's joplin, and the synchronization method is set to the local folder c: \ syn.
  2. Copy the complete C: \ syn file from computer A into computer B's C: \ syn file
  3. Set the synchronization directory of computer B's joplin to c: \ syn, and synchronize in joplin
  4. Now the joplin's notes for A and B are exactly the same
  5. Write new notes on A, and after the synchronization of Joplin is completed, copy the C: \ syn directory of A to B again in its entirety. Click 'Sync' in B, it's strange that the new notes written in A are not synchronized to B.
  6. Similarly, for newly written notes on B, copy the complete c: \ syn directory of B to A, click 'synchronize' in A, and the newly written notes in B are not synchronized to A.

However, synchronizing in the following way is not a problem:

Set the synchronization directory of both computers A and B to a USB drive outside of the local area, F: \ syn, and perform the above operation. There is no problem synchronizing, whether new notes are written on A or in B, they can be synchronized to the other computer.

Where did the operation go wrong? Is it still a bug?
Please help answer @ Laurent

Thank you!

I see. The reason has been found:

Compare the modification dates of files during synchronization. When copying to a new folder in Windows, the file modification time has changed. Therefore, there was an issue with synchronization.


I am new to all of this, and just figured out how to sync to cloud a while back.

For my own curiosity, I like the idea of having a local backup but I am a little ignorant of the limitations in Joplin. Rationally, I would like to believe that instead of cloud options, one could accomplish this across multiple computers as the OP is doing via folder path, and thumb drive. However, depending on the number of computers that would have to be updated, it seems slightly aggravating to have to manually transfer the data to each one.

Instead of a usb flash drive to transfer data across multiple computers, would it not be possible to just setup a network drive that could be set as the location to sync to?

Thank you with kindness.

Some people here mentioned to do that by using their NAS.
Another solution might be Joplin Server.

Possible, with Joplin set to do a File System Sync, those files it creates can go anywhere and brought into another Joplin instance via File System Sync.

I use syncthing to keep a desktop, laptop and mobile in sync via File System Sync.

Thank you for the responses. I will have to look into this as I too have a macbook pro, ipad, and iphone set ip to sync to onedrive presently.

Thank you with kindness.

Yes. The prerequisite for success is that the files synchronized to the USB flash drive cannot be copied to another computer, but can only be used on this USB flash drive.