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Hello, I have a safety question about pointing Joplin directly at a file space in my NAS versus using SyncThing. Would it be safe if I were to have all of my Joplin files stored on my NAS and pointing to the "Synchronization Target 'File System'," as opposed to having my Joplin files stored on my machine's hard drive, and also syncing with SyncThing. I mean 'safe,' as in it won't corrupt, or have any issues like that. You cant, for example, do this with Calibre and I don't know why. I'm only asking because I want to be sure before I lose years of university work to a mistake


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I can only say this:
I am using Syncthing to sync Joplin notes between my machines, a NAS and some external Server for years now. So far had no problems.

And i think you can say that it should be pretty safe to use, since as far as i understand, when syncing from a folder, Joplin does not modify the original files when it loads the notes from that directory. And when you modify or create a note, it only syncs these back when the regular sync starts or you manually sync.

Additionally Syncthing, in case of a conflict, always saves a backup of this conflicting file. And you can also configure syncthing to always make backups of modified files.

In my opinion that are quite a lot of safety measures you can use.
I sync this way now between multiple Linux, Windows and Android Devices, 1 NAS and 1 external Server.

If you have really super important Notes, i would probably still suggest an additional backup method.

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