Joplin on Android doesn't sync with - File system No Error in log

Hi, I am using Joplin 1.0.329 on Android and I am syncing to File system. Joplin doesn’t sync with the chosen folder and there is no error report in the log.

I confirmed that the chosen folder does contain new notes sent to it via Syncthing from my Joplin 1.0.197 on Ubuntu. My Joplin on Android just clearly doesn’t sync with it.

The log is here
syncReport-1589025538372.txt (130.2 KB)

Did it sync before?

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Yes, it did. I just did a quick manual check to see when it stopped syncing.

Last note that is the same on both devices (Android and Ubuntu) is from 27.4.2020.

It’s hard to say what happened given that the log starts on 09/05.

One thing you can try to recover is:

  • make a backup of your sync directory (I’d also export notes to JEX just in case) and your Joplin profile
  • delete your Joplin profile
  • start Joplin - you should see the default notes
  • import your notes using File - Import - Raw and point to your sync directory

This way you should at least see all your notes in one place. You’ll have to set up sync from sratch (and any other settings too) and hopefully it won’t fail again.

hi I’m a first time user. Never used joplin before. I’m also not seeing any syncing to the file system with the specified folder. Also, having to enter the path with no validation feels unreliable. Would be nice if there was some folder browsing instead of just typing in full path.

Steps to reprocuce:

  1. fresh install of app.
  2. choose a new unused folder for file syncing
  3. create some notes
  4. inspect folder for written files

files in the folder selected for syncing

no files are present

Check if Joplin has write permissions.

I gave it all permissions

Since “EXPORT PROFILE” also requires disk access, I gave that a shot and it failed with the errors in the screenshot. Also notice my permissions are good.

That’s a known issue:
Should be fixed soon

OK, I played with it some more and now I got it writing. I noticed the slash in /storage was missing. I tried so many times, maybe this one was a recent one, but it seems to be good now.

So I got it to sync unencrypted, but when it’s encrypted, the mobile doesn’t get the encryption key. Only if i toggle to use dropbox does it work