Mobile App Syncs to Dropbox; Desktop Won't Sync

Operating system


Joplin version


Sync target

File system

What issue do you have?

I looked at the other posts about syncing problems and my issue wasn't addressed.

I'm running Joplin on my Android Phone (v. 14 on Galaxy S23) and my Linux desktop (Ubuntu 22.04). Mostly, I use Joplin as a web-clipper and it appears to sync to my Dropbox. But, the desktop app doesn't show the items that mobile appears to have saved to Dropbox.

BTW, Joplin desktop wouldn't sync at all when I chose Dropbox as the sync topic. However, based on advice from another thread, I chose file system and inserted the path to my Dropbox folder on my desktop. Desktop app appeared to sync, but the md items do not appear in the user interface.

I'm obviously doing something wrong but I have no clue what. Any help will be appreciated!


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