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Feature request: Markdown table editor

I recently stumbled over CodiMD and really liked its table editing feature. I then found out that it is built on top of @susisu’s markdown-table-editor ; here is a demo:


More features: Markdown Table Editor Demo

It would be great if this could be implemented! I mostly avoid tables in MD because they are just a pain to edit but this makes it much better! I guess a plugin would be the right way to go; unfortunately I don't know how to do that.


This looks great!

In the mean time, have you tried the WYSIWYG editor? I think it does a better job with table formatting.

There is also the table formatter plugin, but for that you have to trigger it manually.

No, I never use it. Big fan of @CalebJohn's Rich Markdown Editor with vim mode.

Didn't know. Should have searched more thoroughly. Just installed it's already a very good start! (@roman_r_m could you maybe add some documentation to the Github ReadMe? This is what users find when they search for plugins.)

Yeah, I've been neglecting this plugin for while. I plan to update it. Eventually.

Yep, I'm a huge fan of Calib's plugin. And I've just set up a shortcut key for the formatter plugin (although it's also available through the command palette) so it's easy enough. But it does require a correctly built table to do the formatting.

There is also a table colorizer plugin that might be handy.

Yeah, and building/extending the table structure is really where the alternative editor shines!

In the meantime, good idea with the shortcut!

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