Making tables more accessible in Markdown Editor

Currently, in the pull request, the only feature added is to select the number of rows and columns and generate markdown table. DEMO

What other features should be incorporated? Below are some ideas

dropdown to enter table

Auto aligning

demo of the above.

Please feel free to share any other idea or suggestion to make tables more accessible in the markdown editor.


Nice job buddy. I like the Auto aligning Idea, it makes it more readable while writing/updating the table.

I would really, really love to see auto aligning!

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That looks great bro :love_you_gesture:. Although if you remember, i asked for inserting columns and rows in the previous discussion here. Updating the previous post would be more feasible. But, that's fine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Today I had a hard time to rework some tables. Adding new and deleting existing rows and columns and also reorder them is quite a nightmare. So if especially the rearrangement of columns made easier that would be awesome

Sometime ago there was also an idea mentioned to be able to sort and filter tables.

And a feature I also like is to have auto creation of some math like the summ, average, count, … of a column or a row (and autoupdate if new rows accure …)