Short Cut Quick Format Tables

Hi there,

I would love to see the quick table format short cut.

table formatter

This would be a very handy feature.

Cheers Thomas

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Just came here to post the same as a new feature request, but then I found yours. I wholeheartedly support it :slight_smile:

Use case: Sometimes, I need to save markdown that others need to view without rendering (e.g. via terminal). In such cases, auto-formatted tables would come in very handy.

I tried using the WYSIWYG-editor as a "formatter" (make slight change to table in WYSIWYG to see if it looks nicer in markdown afterwards), but got rather the opposite from what I hoped for:

Before (table manually written in markdown)
Screenshot from 2020-10-16 11-30-52

After (using the WYSIWYG-editor to add a row)
Screenshot from 2020-10-16 11-31-24

Turns out I've already implemented such a plugin for testing purpose:

So once v1.3 is released, you should be able to use this. It doesn't support ---: syntax though but that should be easy to add.


That's awesome! Thanks for the quick reply, just updated to 1.2.6 and now I'm already looking forward to 1.3 :+1:

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Hi, a very interesting feature! The link shared by @laurent seems broken. The correct one should be this. How can it be compiled and use it in 1.3.18?

Is this feature included in the last release?

Thank you for the amazing work @laurent!

I guess you mean the correct link should be the following (CliClient --> app-cli)?

(want to try this myself, but did not find the time yet. if you manage, I'll be happy to follow :wink: )