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Short Cut Quick Format Tables

Hi there,

I would love to see the quick table format short cut.

table formatter

This would be a very handy feature.

Cheers Thomas

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Just came here to post the same as a new feature request, but then I found yours. I wholeheartedly support it :slight_smile:

Use case: Sometimes, I need to save markdown that others need to view without rendering (e.g. via terminal). In such cases, auto-formatted tables would come in very handy.

I tried using the WYSIWYG-editor as a "formatter" (make slight change to table in WYSIWYG to see if it looks nicer in markdown afterwards), but got rather the opposite from what I hoped for:

Before (table manually written in markdown)
Screenshot from 2020-10-16 11-30-52

After (using the WYSIWYG-editor to add a row)
Screenshot from 2020-10-16 11-31-24

Turns out I've already implemented such a plugin for testing purpose:

So once v1.3 is released, you should be able to use this. It doesn't support ---: syntax though but that should be easy to add.


That's awesome! Thanks for the quick reply, just updated to 1.2.6 and now I'm already looking forward to 1.3 :+1:

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