Feature request: Auto-resizing tables in markdown view

Hi everyone,
I‘m fairly new to markdown, but I‘m starting to get the hang of it. However, something that I probably will never get used to is the way markdown shows tables.

I noticed that something similar was requested back in 2019 on Github, so I‘ll just quote. Adding this feature would be pretty useful.

I've been using Caret.io for some notes (not personal notes since I want my notes to be encrypted), however, Caret has a really neat feature where a table in markdown editor view automatically re-sizes as you write inside of it. You can see an example on their website under the "Assistance" part.
I would love to see something like that in Joplin as well, just so the table looks more neat and are easier to read already in markdown editor view.

This is the feature. Would it be possible to add this?

What you may be missing is the prettier

Or if it is a good external editor, such as vscode

I'm working on a plugin now that integrates prettier with Joplin. But it needs an update in the core app to work.


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