Feature request: Make all options accessible by keystrokes

I was wishing for some kind of scripting facility in Joplin, but this suggestion put the idea in my head that it might be sufficient to make all menu options accessible by a sequence of keystrokes (well, on desktops). Then any external keystroke generator could do the job. It would also fulfill this request to a high degree.

The Windows version does already support it on the toplevel of the menu bar (e.g. Alt+V for ‘View’).

It reminds me that you can do a lot more with keystroke generators, like inserting (parametrized) text in notes. No urgent need to build this functionality in.

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I like the idea of one-click note-list ordering, if we could find the right way to present it.

For shortcuts in general, I would suggest it is more important for them to exist for functions that are used the most often.

If you want to see something in particular, perhaps you could start propose concrete cases of what often used actions are missing (or broken) and what keystrokes they should have.

Remember Joplin supports Mac, Windows and Linux, and their shortcuts are not the same. I would guess proposals consistent widely across other commonly used programs are more likely to gain support and get implemented.

Concerning keystroke generators, I personally haven’t ever missed it in Joplin for my use cases, though I can see they would provide flexibility for those that do need them. Just not sure what those use cases are.