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Feature request: One-click (or one-keystroke) sorting

It takes six mouse clicks to change the sorting order of my notes from alphabetical + ascending to last edited + descending (or vice versa). It becomes more and more irritating, so I want to propose a one-click solution:

Sort buttons

You see four buttons on top of the lists of notebooks/notes. The first three are a set of radio buttons, the fourth is a toggle for ascending/descending. Maybe they should be highlighted to indicate the current state, but I don’t care so much.

Doesn’t this setup require two mouse clicks? Not necessarily. I think there are two ways to facilitate one-click control:

  1. Replace the notions ascending/descending with customary/contrary. Alphabetical sort is usually ascending, and time sort is usually descending (in the context of a picklist of objects in an app).
  2. Let Joplin remember the ascending/descending status for all three sorting attributes separately.

In most cases, I would only need to click the [A] or the [✐] to switch the order of my notes.

There are other ways to make sorting more convenient. For instance by predefined hotkeys, or user-definable hotkeys in combination with some kind of macro facility. These alternatives would make me evenly happy.

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