Does Joplin have Keyboard Shortcuts?

I can not find any information about Keyboard Shortcuts, can anyone help me?

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For the terminal version, see here:

For the desktop version, most shortcuts are shown next to the respective menu item. But I believe not all shortcuts are really listed, e.g. I think there are keyboard shortcuts for the editor stuff, like bold, italics, …

@laurent Is there a list of shortcuts we can add to the FAQ or documentation? I’ve also noticed that there are some function keys used, which are usually never used on a Mac. Maybe there should be alternative combinations added for macOS? We could also add the shortcuts to the tool tips of the icons. Btw, the icons should not be acessible via <TAB>. When I enter the title, I don’t want to press 16 times the tab key to finally enter the text. What do you think?

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Keyboard shortcuts documented for Mac would be soo helpful so would reducing the need to use function keys.

Agree also about the formatting annoyance of tabbing between the title and the body through each formatting button.

One that I can’t determine if it exists is a global hotkey to show or hide the window similar to what Boostnote has. I have found that to be invaluable.

Thanks in advance!

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agree with this - please make tab order go direct from search to note list to note editing mode - thanks