[Feature Request] Hide keyboard when scrolling through a note on mobile in edit mode

This time, I did search before posting and didn’t find this specific request on here or on the bug tracker on Github, so here we go.

Why is there not an option to hide the keyboard when scrolling through a note? My request is that when the user starts scrolling through the note, the keyboard would automatically hide until the the user taps the screen where they want to type at.

On both my iPhone and Android phone, the keyboard stays on the screen at all times during edit mode and, depending on the size of the note, how many images are on it, and other factors, I could see this being an issue for many users. And when I say option, I mean having the option in the Configuration section so that people that want it, can turn it on, and those that are fine with Joplin’s current behavior can leave it on the wayside.


I second this request.

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