iOS: dynamic text feature

Is it correct that Apple's dynamic text on mobile devices only works with Joplin's markdown editor, not with the viewer that's rendering markdown? As a workaround for better accessibility, I use the editor for viewing, but scrolling is no fun with the keyboard displayed on the lower half of the device.
Evernote and OneNote offer the ability to collapse the keyboard and hide it from view, but that function seems to toggle viewing and editing modes, so it doesn't provide a customizable viewing size - which is absolutely crucial on mobile devices.
That's where Evernote fails: on iOS, not on Android, where changing text size in system settings results in larger text in note bodies - as it should be. Dynamic text in Evernote and Joplin for iOS (iOS 14.7.1 / Jop 12.1.2) only modifies menus and note headers, not the notes themselves.
In any case: Thanks for the awesome desktop apps bringing Joplin to every type of device!

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