Editor moving while entering test


I am currently using Joplin for Desktop (Mac) v1.0.194 but I had this same issue on prior versions as well. I do not know if this is bug or the intended functionality so I thought I would ask around.

While editing a note from within Joplin, no matter if I have just the editor screen up or both the editor and viewer in split screen, the note content will scroll up as I am typing. This can get to be a challenge when it scrolls off the screen and you have to find out where you are in the note to continue editing.

Has anyone else seen this issue and should it be working like this? It can be quite distracting and again makes it difficult to see what your doing if it scrolls off the screen.

I know I am currently using a pre-release version (which I just upgraded to today) but I have seen this issue in several versions prior.

Thanks ahead of time!

iis this your problem which is being solved?

That does appear to be the same issue. Hopefully it makes it into a release soon. Thanks