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Feature Request: Full Screen Mode

I love Joplin, it’s absolutely amazing. Thanks so much to all the developers!

I think it would be very nice if Joplin also would have a Full Screen Mode.

Meaning that on a Windows PC, pressing F11 would make the window title bar on top and the windows task bar on the bottom disappear…


Currently I’m using Mark Text (open source) along with Joplin. Joplin to store and organize notes, Mark Text for Zen editing. The problem is Mark Text is a bit buggy at the moment. Would love to see fullscreen mode in Joplin.

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Full Screen mode is standard feature for desktop apps and Joplin should also adopt it.
@laurent @bedwardly-down What are your views on this?
I would be happy to implement it


It would be nice and is fairly standard for many apps, but the choice for implementing is up to the rest of the dev team. I'd wait until they come here before doing any work yet. :smiley:


I am ready with a PR but waiting for @laurent 's approval on the feature


Any news on this? Will this enable us to have full screen in the markdown, viewer and split layouts?

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I wish there would be some reply regarding this topic from the developers.


Now that there is this nice new updated UI (Version 1.2.6), it would be so great if a Full Screen Mode (F11) could be added to Joplin.


Just drawing some attention to this, we could really use fullscreen.
@RahulMohata basically offered to implement it and could not even get a "yes", @laurent .

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@laurent Is this a plugin or a core feature?

If it's a plugin, I'll dive into how plugins are made and make one. Otherwise, can you please weigh in on this feature?

Here's my workaround. Maybe that's enough and is why this feature hasn't gotten any attention?

Set Typora or another editor as the external editor and open up the note with the Edit in the external editor feature.

I use Typora because it has a nice full-screen view with no distractions.

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That would be a core feature.

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May I know what has happened to Joplin? Since I last updated it, the text does not fill the full screen.

The below is the screenshot

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OMG You are a life savior. That update was utterly useless. If such a feature was to be implemented, they could have included options for individual notes so only those notes that need better readability can be set as such.

Thanks to you,

Yeah, that's a must

I don't see how any of this is related to this feature request.

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