Search, Full Screen and Focus Mode

I shared these ideas in previously on this post but sharing here again so we can have a healthy discussion on these features.

These are the Ideas

Fullscreen Mode

Layout Icons Changes
This will help user to know on which layout he is currently on, This will solve this github's issue as well


Focus Mode
This mode has been requested by many people and they really want it.

This feature need a lot of discussion because it needs effort and changes to build it. and it is not perfect right now, instead of using tabs we have alternative to use regex only just like we currently have on joplin like "#" for tags

Feature we can implement right now in Joplin

  1. Fullscreen Icon - In the toolbar we can add this button
  2. Layout Icon - This will let user know the current screen he is using. Just need to change the icon of layout in toolbar
  3. Hide & Show for Joplin
    with few feature - Copy

Focus mode is not complicated, it will just hide the sidebars and will play with opacity of objects, like this

  1. Properties - Instead of showing Note Properties and content properties with different icon, we can show them using single icon

I like to know everyones opinions on these Ideas


Can anybody take a look at last three images?

This looks very good; I hope it will be implemented. For me, I particularly am looking for the full screen (distraction-free) mode.


I would love to have this features - the Full Screen Mode and the Focus Mode - implemented!

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Yes me too !

I see this GitHub issue about Focus Mode FeatureRequest: Focus Mode / Zen Mode · Issue #1713 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub but it is closed :man_shrugging: