'Zen' mode for reading notes


at times one just wants to read longer notes. Especially on small screen it is great to have as much space as possible available for the note body.

I the current version it is possible to hide the sidebar and the note list which is great already.

It would be even greater to have the ability to hide all ‘chrome’ e.g. toolbar, note title…

Either by a shortcut for hiding that or additionally a shortcut for hiding that and the side bar and the note list…


Actually having just one shortcut to “toggle everything” would be the best thing, so when every toolbar is hidden you can get all of them back with a simple move


Any more thoughts on this?

I think that’s a great idea! I’m also looking forward to some minimal mode, but with some edit ability. Perhaps a mode that looks like Windows Notepad?

Any chance this gets implemented?

I think it would be so important to have a Zen mode for the editor window.

Then also so many writers and authors would use Joplin, because for writers it is so important to fade out all other elements (title bar, sidebars, etc.) and to be able to concentrate just on the text.

Please, could we have a Zen mode implemented in Joplin?

It's the most important feature that is still missing.

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Zettlr has a "Distraction free mode"
Everything unimportant is faded out and darkened and the current paragraph is focused on.

I would like to see such a mode in Joplin too.

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