Can you provide a full screen function of notes

I hope to have a full screen function of notes.
I really need it!
When I put my desktop on the big screen, I was eager for my notes to be read in full screen.

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When you say full screen, do you mean that you would like to remove all interface except the editor? Like a zen mode or focus mode?

I believe that people have requested this in the past. Doesn't seem to have gotten much interest.

To be clear, are you talking about maximizing the application window for full-screen viewing, or seeking to have the notes displayed in a single window?

The operating system usually handles full-screen display, i.e., F11 in Linux (Gnome) and ctrl+cmd+F in MacOS.

To maximize Joplin notes, you may toggle the editor and editor layout from the toolbar (top right.)

I don't think that's a thing in Windows. But I'd be interested if it was.

You could try alt+enter. I don't run Windows, so can't be certain.

No, that doesn't do it. As far as I know this is something that is different for every app. FireFox is F11. I think Adobe is ctrl L. When it is an option I've always seen it in the menu. But I don't think this exists for Joplin.

I understand it like you want to see your note screen only.

A way to come close to that might be:

  1. to toggle the sidebar (press F10 in windows) AND
  2. to toggle the note list (press F11 in windows).

Or just use the same functions from the "View"-entry at the menu bar of the desktop app.