Few queries from newbie

First off thanks for creating this app and this community, i have not properly understood Joplin so before going all in, i wanted to ask a few things. I am using it on Windows 10 for editing and android, iPad for revising notes.

  1. How can i personalize editing note? ex. changing default font for all notes / some particular font for a particular notebook; different font color/ size in same note.
  2. How to switch to ‘view only’ or ‘read only’ mode? i know Layout button on desktop client switches between editor and note reader but can it go full screen?
  3. What about reading mode in iPad and android? A simple full screen reader mode of my note is what I seek.
  4. Can I use apple pencil?

PS: Sorry for not searching any of these questions in the forum before asking.

Welcome to the forum.