Feature request: customize space between paragraphs

Joplin double-spaces between paragraphs. I would like to change that in my notebooks. When I press return I usually want to start typing on the next line, not add a blank line.

I know that I can use shift-enter to go down a single line, but then all the lines I create are still considered one paragraph for formatting purposes. For example, if I Shift-Enter to create three lines and then apply a header style to any of the three lines, all three lines get formatted as one.

Maybe there's already a way I can get what I want by providing custom CSS in the advanced settings? I tried and failed, but maybe my CSS mojo is weak.

There are a few topics about this already (assuming you are referring to the rich text editor here), you might like to have a look at this post.

In short, this is the default behaviour of TinyMCE currently which aligns with the "proper" markdown standard to denote paragraphs and can't be customised within Joplin (although happy to stand corrected).

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Thank you. That makes sense. Markdown compatibility is irrelevant for me and I would rather have the editing behavior I'm accustomed to, but I understand others may have chosen Joplin specifically for markdown capabilities.