Feature request: Cursor location in rendered

In split-screen mode the edit position is frequently not shown correctly in the rendered page.

I'm guessing it's an issue regarding line spacing with headings, images, etc pushing everything down

But is it possible to get them to square up?


I cannot reproduce the (hopefully - correctly understood ?) problem. Could you please add platfrom, version, etc. ... may be a screenshot showing the 'problem' ?


I'm on a Mac OS v11 (Big Sur), for the screenshot, but I've also experienced this on Linux (Mint) as well.

I'm using Joplin v1.5.7, but I've experienced this in every iteration since I started using Joplin last year.

For the screenshot, I just made a note with a good sized mish-mash of random text, graphics and headings.

I then put a short line of 'B's' where the cursor currently is sitting and I've circled that in the screenshot.

You'll see that in the right pane rendered markdown there is no sign of the 'B's' or the image in the paragraph before it.

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I suspect this is the same thing I was talking about here: Syncing Split View (Markdown/Preview)

Yeah... and that seems to be the long and short of it.

Too bad, it's a real hindrance, not simply annoyance, when trying to get an exact look-n-feel to a document.

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