Syncing Split View (Markdown/Preview)

Joplin for Desktop on Linux Mint 20
Joplin 1.2.6 (prod, linux)
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Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: No
Revision: f5f117c (master)

Frequently I notice that the markdown and preview panes are way out of sync. When reviewing my notes, I prefer to see them in the preview pane so everything is formatted correctly, but occasionally need to jump into the markdown to make corrections or expand on things.

I'm including screenshots of an example I just encountered.

In this first screenshot, I've marked the text I'm looking for, but it's not currently seen in the preview pane.

Here in the second screenshot, you can see the text in question, and how the markdown is now out of frame.

Is there anything that can be done to marry the two closer? I don't know how it's handled currently, but it seems like there's room for improvement here.

Thank you for considering!!

EDIT: Replaced screenshots with blurred versions. I don't want to get in trouble for sharing course content.


There is a couple of possible approaches. The simplest being to completely decouple the two frames and disable the sync scrolling, this way you can just line the two views up manually.

The other option is to map lines of the editor to components in the rendered view and use them to ensure good sync between the two views. I started implementing this method a while back, but it's more complex and I didn't have the free time available to finish it. I hope to eventually finish this and get it into Joplin.

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We are also limited by the Markdown renderer we use as it doesn't allow mapping a rendered character back to the original Markdown. It only does this for lines which is not sufficient for syncing views, and currently they are not planning to add the feature: