Return where you were before instead of jump to top

is it only me wo finds it very annoying that when you leave a note and go back afterwards you start again at the beginning? it is very annoying if you copy from one note to another.


That's not the case for me. It remembers the position.

just found out it is only if you are using two of the 3 modes with "toggle editor" otherwise you are right it does work.

You have to be a bit more specific.

What 2 modes exactly?

they dont have names so I dont know. if you click "toggle editor" button and then "toggle editor layout" there are 3 ways and only the layout you cant edit stays

When I'm in Split View, the location is remembered.

For me I confirm this happening in « Editor only (no split) » view.
Last cursor location is seldom kept, it’s quite annoying. Most of the case, whether the note opens at the top, or at a random location but not the last one I was there.
I wonder if it’s a bug or if it’s normal ?

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If that's the case, it sounds like a bug.

Laurent wrote the code that remembers the scroll position. I will open a ticket on github.

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Can you please confirm your Joplin versions @itge13 @nokoa77 ?

P.S.: Never mind. I have just noticed this on git dev as well.

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Thanks, yes 1.7.11, either on Mac or PC. Have a nice day

I had it on a version from early 2020 and updated before reporting to 1.7.11 and still have it.

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