Visible cursor is several places to the right of effective position

Bug. Was not happening on previous version.
Just upgraded to Joplin v1.0.193
OS Windows 10 Pro N 1903

Cursor is visible approximately 16-20 characters to the right of it’s actual operating position.
Essentially rendered Joplin unusable as the wrong characters keep being deleted and it is trial and error to find the effective position of the cursor to correct mistakes.

I would have included the debug log but am informed that as I’m a new user I am limited to only 4 links in my post, despite not putting any links of any kind in the post.

UPDATE: This seems to be coming from copying a URL from the browser address field (any browser) then pasting into Joplin. Ordinary note typing is fine until there’s a pasted URL in the note.

Any chance you are using a non-monospace font for the editor?

Thanks for the reply.
(BTW - am using the default internal editor for notes not an external editor.)

How do I determine which font Joplin is using ?
Highlighting a section of any typed text does not show what the font is that’s applied to it and although I’ve had a look in regedit I cannot determine what the system default font is set to that Joplin might have assumed when I installed ?
I haven’t set any other font in Joplin other than what it uses by default.

Doh. As soon as I sent that last I realised that Tools > Appearance shows Joplins default font.

Mine is set to Roboto Condensed.

I’ll try with something else.

Yes, that resolves the issue.
Changed to Joplin default (am not sure what it is) and cursor sits perfectly between each character as you would expect.
Thanks for the help.