Feature for web clipper: Store page as HTML and copy link

I am recently copying content from web pages into Joplin as some sites tend to get offline. The web clipper might work if the content is simple but if it is more involved, the parsing into markdown is not mighty enough.

I have seen the experimental feature clip complete page (HTML) but this is not working as well. I suspect the problem is the viewer in the Joplin app. Therefore, I recently went with the firefox extension Save Page WE. It saves the complete DOM tree in a single HTML page on the local hard disk. Then, I upload the file as an external attachment to Joplin.
When opening the HTML page, I can use my main browser (firefox) that displays exactly as it was saved.

It would be nice, if the web clipper was able to something similar: I click on Save as HTML attachment and the web clipper will save the DOM tree. It is then automatically added to the Joplin file storage as if I had added it as an attachment to a note. Instead of adding to the current note (or whatever), the link to the file is copied to the clipboard. That way, I can safely paste it in my note at the appropriate position.

Was this possible somehow? Or am I misinterpreting the use case of the Clip Complete page (HTML) functionality and it is intended for that exact solution?

The clipper also saves the DOM tree as HTML, and in general works relatively well. Do you have an example of web page that saves correctly with Save Page WE but not the clipper?

Yes, just preparing a bug report with a side effect that just triggered.

Example link: Python Dictionaries

For sake of completeness, here is the link to the issue on github, why the web clipper causes trouble (there are some screenshots as well): Web clipper causes UI trouble in Joplin · Issue #4817 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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