Web Clipper is the core competence of Joplin

There are many options for note-taking software in the market. Although they are different, they are similar. They are more focused on cross-platform, cloud services and UI.

However, the Web Clipper made Joplin out of the homogenization competition. The Joplin Web Clipper can contact the web pages and back up the web pages locally.
Joplin can meet my core needs!
Not only do I like taking notes, I also want to save web pages so that I can read them later.
In the past, I could only save web pages by pressing ctrl + s in the browser, but due to the format of the save, I was unwilling to go around the cumbersome folders and find the web pages I wanted to see; another way is
Printed as pdf, but this method often encounters compatibility issues. It is not that static pages cannot see the content at all, often garbled.

Thanks to the Joplin development team, Joplin has achieved the features I have always wanted, and I really like web clipper.