Keep width for each panel when toggling panels

isn't that silly,
when we hide sidebars or notes lists the article width fills the whole application width?

I hope that joplin desktop should adjust the whole application width when we toggle the panels(sidebar, notes list)

I've always thought that the intention behind hiding the sidebar and note list was to make the note area as large as possible. This then makes it easier to see wide tables, Mermaid charts or images that can get reduced in size in a smaller sized note.

Yes, otherwise toggling the sidebar or the note list makes no sense.

think I can achieve two objectives

  1. easily change the width of article area to get wider view
  2. toggling side bar and note list, keeping article width untouched

by following solution

both side bar and note list panel have its own width which are resizable as the user can resize them, but when toggling them whole application width will get wider or narrower just as much as their width

if we adjust whole application width, then change the reading area width only

just give sidebar/note list {flex-grow: 0;} and for the article area {flex-grow: 1;}

sorry for my poor English if this isn’t easy to understand, I’m gonna add some picture of this idea later today at work :joy:

Here's what I think it should be

the part where I adjust the width of each panel is just like present

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