Placement of Panels to the rightmost Position prevents Note Body to auto adjust layout

Hey everyone,

just noticed, whenever I place a panel (note panel, sidebar panel or panel from plugin) to the right most position via "change application layout" the layout inside the Text Body of a note will no longer auto adjust to Window Size changes. Instead the notes gets visually cropped and a horizontal scrollbar appears.

I sometimes like to open 2 apps side by side and after installing the outline plugin, which I wanted to place to the right I suddenly noticed the note being cropped after readjusting the window size. But I also tested the behaviour with other, native panels to the same result.

I'm on Linux, with version 1.6.8

Cheers everyone.

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I'm seeing the same on Windows, version 1.5.14

Seeing a similar behavior here like Glint_Eye described, but I don't get a horizontal scrollbar - it feels like the content of the Joplin window is still sized as before, but the right half is just not visible.

Linux, version 1.7.11

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