Export to JEX

I am running 1.3.9 portable on Windows 10. I have imported about 2.3 GB of data from Evernote. The notes display fine in Joplin, and the attachments (images, PDF, Zip, etc.) are in the JoplinProfile\resources\ folder.

I just tried to export everything to JEX. The resulting JEX does not contain all of my attachments. It only contains image files. There are no PDF, Zip, etc. files in the backup.

Can you provide an example of ENEX file (can contain just one note) that imports fine in Joplin but doesn't export as JEX?

This was after I had already imported everything from Evernote into Joplin. I then did an Export All as JEX from Joplin. The resulting JEX file is only 780 MB.

Can you narrow it down to one note that imports fine in Joplin but doesn't export as JEX?

A short note with an attached datasheet. The screenshot shows how it looks in Joplin. The link does open the PDF, which is 41.6 KB in size.

Samlex Battery Backup Module BBM-1225.enex (58.1 KB)

Samlex Battery Backup Module BBM-1225.jex (15 KB)


Just had a quick look at this to test it and hopefully to save you a little work identifying the problem.

This can be duplicated on 1.3.9 and 1.2.6. It seems to occur when the ENEX file is imported as ENEX(HTML).

  • Importing as ENEX(MD) and then exporting as JEX creates a resources folder in the JEX containing the pdf. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Importing as ENEX(HTML) and then exporting as JEX creates an archive without resources.

The most noticable difference between the HTML & MD notes in Joplin is that the ENEX(HTML) import references the pdf resource as an <a href=joplin://xxxxxxxxx> hyperlink and not a [filename](:/xxxxxxxxx) resource link.

In the screenshot above the pdf link does not have a Joplin PDF resource icon and so appears to be being treated as just a hyperlink.

Yes, I did import everything as HTML, as I plan on using the WYSIWYG editor, not markdown.

As I mentioned in another post, I really would like a yellow highlighting button added to the WYSIWYG editor. Notes with highlighted text that were imported show correctly in Joplin, but I have no easy way to highlight new text in Joplin.

Something else that I just noticed. When the markdown editor is selected, hovering over a link in a note changes the cursor to a pointing hand, and a single click will open the attachment (as it should). When switched to the WYSIWYG editor, the cursor does not change, and I have to CTL-click to open the attachment. It works this way with both markdown and HTML notes.

I thought it was strange that it didn't work as I expected in the WYSIWYG editor. Shouldn't both editors have the same behavior?

The latest 1.3.10 fixed the export to JEX with HTML notes. The JEX file now has the attached PDF files. I had to delete the old notes and re-import from ENEX as HTML for this to work.

I still have the problem where the link in the note is only seen as clickable (with a pointing hand) when the MD editor is selected. When the HTML editor is selected, the cursor doesn't change, and I have to CTLR-click the link to open it.

Also, the only time that the PDF icon is shown next to the link is when the note is imported as MD, and the MD editor is selected. Other combinations do not show the icon.