Example .enex file that does not import correctly

joplin Joplin 1.3.18 (prod, win32)
Client ID: 861cbb6a60904cbab2eef22fad712bd7
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 6b75485a1 (master)

Moving evenote data to joplin, I find one folder that should have 300 entries which only has 292. After some file dumping/sorting/compare I find which notes do not make it across.
Was not a problem with the file name that evernote applied.

Be aware that I am moving a lot of notes (thousands so far, with 8000+ to go) and most so far seem to transfer just fine.

When I "cleaned up" the note (edited some of the random trash of saved html pages) out of it, and saved that, joplin imported it correctly.

If somebody is debugging this aspect of the system, here are a "does not work" file (china1.enex) and a "works" file (china2.enex) to compare. (Assuming the upload works.)

china1.enex (351.6 KB) china2.enex (28.8 KB)

Thanks for the report, it will be fixed in the next version. It was due to the ENEX file containing an empty attachment, which interrupted the import process.

Good to know it will be fixed. I realized as I was cleaning up/finishing the import that the only way I knew it didn't finish was by comparing the number of notes in the evenote versus joplin folders. I did not find any error log relevent to imports. So some kind of error log for imports would be good.