Imported note note editable in Markdown

I'm a new Joplin user, migrating from Evernote. Here's my system:
Joplin version: 2.11.11
OS: Windows 10

To get things rolling, I exported one Notebook containing a single Note from Evernote (in ENEX format) into Joplin (using ENEX as markdown format). Using the WYSIWYG editor seems to work fine, but I find I can't edit the note with the Markdown editor. The Edit menu is grayed out, and there's no active cursor when I try to position it inside the note.

I saw that this behavior was listed as a bug at one point, but it was fixed long ago. So did I use the wrong import format, or do I perhaps have Joplin configured incorrectly somehow?

Try toggling the editor layout:
It's possible only the preview pane is visible.

Yup, that was it. Definitely a noob moment.


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