Currently exporting my 27k notes, 207 notebooks, and 5k2 tags from Evernote, some questions

Following my first message evernote-user-since-2011-with-a-lot-of-data-im-considering-switching-to-joplin-but-need-reassuranc I'm getting started, and I'm starting to export my Evernote data.
I'm exporting each notebook in Enex with all options checked (and HTML just in case).
The exports go pretty well except it is long and for my largest notebook which contains more than 10,000 notes: the export crashes with an error message. I have just restarted by choosing to split into files of 2000 MB max, it is in progress...

Here are my questions:

Is this export method the right one (one notebook at a time: right click: export to Enex)?

Do you know why the export of my large notebook crashes?

Will split export work when importing into Joplin?

If I cannot export one or more notebooks from Evernote v10, can I import older exports that I made with Evernote Legacy into Joplin?

I tested importing a small notebook into Joplin. First in markdown then in html. I noticed that checkboxes (which I use a lot) were only imported with markdown import. So I'm thinking of importing everything in markdown. Is this a good solution?

Unless I'm mistaken, my internal links between notes (which I also use a lot) will be lost. Should I recreate them manually or is there another solution?

Joplin does not support encrypting a selection of text in a note. So, what will happen to my encrypted texts after import?

Is there a way to find my Evernote note reminders somewhere once the notes have been imported into Joplin?

If you have any other advice about this export-import process, I'd be interested :slight_smile:



I exported all my notebooks with evernote-backup app (great!).

I then launched the import: I chose the folder containing all my exported ENEX notebooks and I imported with the Joplin Import ENEX folder to markdown option, because if I'm not mistaken, it saves me from importing each notebook one by one.I hope that this option will work even if my notebooks were not in an Evernote stack.

The import has been in progress for 20 hours, is that normal? :

I read that some Evernote users transferred everything in 10 minutes :thinking:

My notebooks are on another PC on my LAN (1Gbs), maybe that's slowing down the import?

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I have no experience with your amount of notes or size of data or setting. But as long as the import process shows increasing numbers of loaded and created files, I assume everything is going well enough. Patience is the key.

Only if the process gets stuck for a long time - give it hours to be sure - would I think about stopping it.



The import finished just after my message :slight_smile: . So it took around twenty hours, phew!

I indicated the number of notes, notebooks and tags in the title of this topic :wink:
For the data size, it's around 10 GB.


As an old and long time Evernote Pro user, happily moving to Joplin, all I can tell from my very little experience so far is this :

  • exported from EN v6 Legacy all my datas (16631 notes, 2659 tags, 25.1Gb for EN folder) generating 16 enex files (total 28.2 Gb)
  • imported on a freshly installed Joplin v2.14.20 successfully after... 61 hours 6 minutes (I admit I was worried after 24h running and watching the Joplin folder grow above 25Gb) resulting in 16631 notes, 2158 tags, 65.5Gb for Joplin folder)

I have less tags imported in Joplin because I used empty nested tags on EN which isn't supported (yet) in Joplin, not a big deal.
My biggest issue is some of the internal links (on which all my GTD productivity system relies) are broken, despite moving all my notes to one single notebook in ENv6 before export to avoid this, but I've read there are workarounds so I'm still in a testing phase.
Quick navigation test : in ENv6 I've generated a summay note of my 16631 notes before export (side note, it doesn't open in ENv10 lol) and it opens in Joplin under a second. Yes Joplin isn't ultra fast, but I have more concerns about the reliability of my datas than speed access.
And Joplin is just so much more powerfull with an incredible active community... I hope for the best.
My two cents -Yann-


I can also endorse the Evernote-backup program on GitHub. I use it once a week to pack up my Evernote database online. It creates and synchronizes with an SQL light database and each time you run it it does not repeat anything it only synchronizes what has changed since the last time you run the program.

After you have all of your notebooks exported which could take a few hours would this program but it would certainly be hands off. It runs by itself until it's done. A heck of a lot better than what you're doing one by one with a mouse.

Use either the Linux graphical interface or the Linux terminal interface to import your notes into Joplin cuz with the windows version of Joplin you can only import one notebook at a time. With the Linux and terminal versions you can import every notebook located in a single directory which is what you will have.

It'll take a long time to import everything but it will be doing it by itself. Still a lot faster than manually importing one notebook at a time.

One more important thing.

You will need this plugin for Joplin that this nice person just wrote. It takes all of the internal note to note links that will be orphaned in Joplin and converts them into links Joplin Style.

Without it you will lose all of your note to note links if you use them.

I also had little yesterday seeing a storage usage of three times the size of my Evernote data, but everything was back to normal today, it was a temporary folder.

Like @LeoW said, I also used the Evernote link replacer plugin to convert my old Evernote links into Joplin links. There have been many converts. There are also quite a few that haven't been, but they must be links that didn't have the right name.

Yes, I used it following comments seen here or on Reddit. This app is awesome! I had started exporting my notebooks one by one from Evernote v10, but after a day and a half I hadn't done half of it. This app did everything in a few dozen minutes or a couple of hours.

In fact there seems to be a trick: I realized this when importing an Evernote stack (evernote-backup saves the stack notebooks in a subfolder of the backup directory): I chose this subfolder via 'import Joplin Import ENEX folder to markdown option, and I noticed that although I did not have the stack recreated, all my notebooks there were imported at once into Joplin.

So, even for my non-stack notebooks, I used this import method in Joplin: Import ENEX folder to markdown option by just choosing my main evernote-backup folder, and Joplin imported all my notebooks at once :slight_smile:
Well, it took a long time: around twenty hours, but it's much less than if I had had to import my notebooks one by one.

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I see. The app has matured. I didn't realize you could import a folder in the windows app. It's been in the linux version for while.