Import from Nixnote

It would be nice to be able to import NixNote notes !

NixNote is a Java application (mainly used on Linux systems but runs also on Windows) connecting to Evernote server to be able to work with Evernote notes.

NixNote export the notes in a format very similar to Evernote … but different enough for the import not to work.

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I think that to be able to deal with it a piece of the exported file could be useful, for example an exported note with all the attributes set to a value .

Here is an example of file exported by NixNote:

The differences with Evernote export:

  • some tags are different “NixNote” instead of “en”

  • some tags are capitalised (e.g. < Note > or < Content >) and crash Joplin import.

  • Date + hours format are different “1527160939843” = “20180524T112219Z” ! NixNote strange format crashes Joplin import.

Even their website says you can synchronize your notes with Evernote.
Can’t you just do that, then export from Evernote and import to Joplin?

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That's what I eventually did ... however, you need to have access to a Mac or Windows machine with Evernote installed ... when the point of using NixNote is to have an Evernote client on Linux ! :wink:

It’s strange that NixNote would export to ENEX format, but make it different enough that it won’t import in other apps. I’ve added some info to the readme about it, as the recommended way would indeed be to sync with Evernote and export the ENEX from there.

The last time I tried Evernote was working with Wine too.

I’m using Nixnote2 and the export file is now “.nnex” without any other options available. Needless to say, this negates this entire process, making importing Evernote data strictly on a Linux box moot.


Just to add that one important distinction is that the NNEX export format does include the note GUID which would be needed to turn Evernote note-links into Joplin ones, unlike ENEX. For those of us extensively using the note linking feature, being able to import and keep those links would be a life-saver.