Using Joplin in Ubuntu 22.04


I've been using a notebook client (NixNote) that suddenly stopped working (it wouldn't let me log in to Evernote although I can access their website just fine) and came across Joplin. I'd like to import my notebooks from Evernote but apparently it isn't possible without having to use Windows or Mac, according to the documentation from Joplin and Evernote. Can anyone confirm this? It just doesn't make sense to me that Joplin is available to Linux when I have to use Win or Mac to "kickstart" it.

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The Linux version has ENEX import.

Joplin 2.9.17 Linux - Import Options

Joplin itself has no such restriction but are you referencing the fact that there isn't an official Linux Evernote client to actually perform the enex export? If so then that really isn't something within our control, not sure what other methods can be used to perform the enex export, maybe a Windows VM or something?

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough for you. Can you explain to me how can I get my hands on a .enex file when Evernote, at least a working version, simply doesn't exist for Linux?

Yes, that's exactly it. I would prefer not to go to the trouble of creating a VM just to do that, but there you go.

I think it was just miscommunication...
Your post implied it was somehow Joplin's fault for not providing the means to grab data from Evernote when really that is entirely on them or the use of third party clients. Joplin isn't at fault here for not providing tools beyond its remit.

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I never said it was anyone's fault. I just wanted to find out if I could import my Evernote notebooks to Joplin using only Linux.

It just doesn't make sense to me that Joplin is available to Linux when I have to use Win or Mac to "kickstart" it.

That certainly seemed to be the implication. Joplin is available for Linux because it is far more than just people importing Evernote exports. Even then many people have access to an OS that Evernote works on so it would still make sense that it is available on Linux.


Thankfully NixNote updated, so I can resume using it without a hitch and uninstall Joplin. Thank you so, so much for implying that I accused anyone of anything instead of providing me with a straightforward answer. I didn't need you to attack me and "explain" that Joplin is "far more" than what I acutally need. I just wanted answers with no BS attached. Oh, and be sure to thank dpoulton for its useless and passive-agressive answers.

Wow... you came to the forum to say "It just doesn't make sense to me that Joplin is available to Linux when I have to use Win or Mac to "kickstart" it." implying that Joplin somehow isn't fit for purpose on Linux and that it is somehow Joplin's responsibility to allow you to export from their platform??

dpoulton gave you an answer thinking you were asking about the ability to import on Linux because, I imagine, it didn't cross anyone's mind to think that you were complaining about the fact that a completely different application in no way related to Joplin's development doesn't have the ability to export the notes stored in a proprietary format for Joplin to import.

I literally gave you options and explained that the method of export isn't anything to do with Joplin and everything to do with Evernote so how is that not a straightforward answer? You are the one using an application on a platform it doesn't even officially support.

And no, I didn't explain that Joplin is far more than what you need, I was explaining that people come to Joplin from a huge number of other note taking apps or just start using it without any migration at all, hence Evernote support is not the be-all and end-all.

I think we are done here.