Evernote import issue (incorrect file links and missing image) Joplin-1.0.224, MacOS Catalina

My NotesXML.enex (838.5 KB)

It looks like the import mixes up the links to the files and it appears to also drop an image. First noticed this as part of a 8k import from Evernote, but was also able to replicate it with the included enex file.

Last hurdle before before jumping into Joplin with both feet.
Appreciate any help.

If I import this into Evernote, there’s no image either and the file kind of look broken. If there’s a bug to fix, we’d need a smaller ENEX file that shows just the issue to be fixed.

Thank you for that laurent
I have reimported into evernote and I see everything as per the image I posted. I am using Evernote Desktop app (Version 7.14 (458244 Direct)).
One of the items I am perhaps more concerned about is the fact that the link labels get swapped around.
I am including a smaller example. The first link should be the .aba file and the second the .numbers file. When it gets imported into Joplin the labels are reversed ie the .numbers link appears first and points to the .aba file and the .aba link points to the .numbers file.
ExportTest.enex (175.8 KB)

I will see if I can get a more concise example of the missing image.
Thanks in advance