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Evernote bug causing issues with importing: internal note links are not persistent

Since maybe many people will come across this, I thought I would mention a bug in evernote I came across since it’s affecting imports from evernote. And when/if it’s fixed, I imagine Joplin will need to handle it as well.

Is this just the longstanding problem with Evernote exports in that internal links are represented only as links to Evernote’s web servers, which change if notes are deleted (or e.g. moved between accounts)?

(NB I quite Evernote for Joplin as soon as I became aware of this)

I don’t know how longstanding it is as I hadn’t noticed it before. I did a search on the forum but didn’t see any mention of it here.

Does it sound like it’s the problem described here — https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24557-import-old-notebooks-into-evernote-using-enex-loses-all-note-links/ ?

If so, that’s the longstanding problem I refer to to. (that forum thread is from 2012). Given how long it’s been around, I’m not very worried that Evernote are going to fix it.

In theory, you could write a script that takes a .enex file and matches up internal links based on the note titles - but that won’t work for cases where you’ve edited the link text or the note. If you had only done that for a minority of cases, maybe the script could list the cases it couldn’t match, and leave them up to you to manually fix before running it again.

(the script might also incorrectly link some cases where the link text has been changed so that it matches the title of the wrong note. I don’t see any way to avoid that.)

Said script, or a second one, would then need to export in Joplin format somehow.

yeah, this looks like it. I looked at the enex files as they’re just XML files. There’s no unique internal identifier for any given note so there’s no way they have currently to link it. That’s really stupid.
And the link itself is clearly a reference to an internal database id.


A limitation? That would be soooooo easy to fix.

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