Deleted notes are just gone...right?

Windows 10 (desktop)
Joplin 1.6.8

If I deleted a note, it's just gone, right? There's no way to recover it?

(Silly me forgot about the compatiblity/bug/whatever where some of my previously-in-Evernote-notes were set to not display and deleted a handful thinking they were empty before I realized they probably weren't. Oops.)

If you have Note History enabled, you can retrieve them. If not, assuming you have your enex files or your notes in Evernote still available (or backups thereof), you could reimport them.

I do have the note history enabled. How would I find them?

(I also still have the data in the ENEX, as well as in a Joplin backup. But since they appeared as blank, I'm not sure what I deleted. :laughing: )

I haven't used it yet, but I just read this: Note History | Joplin

Doesn't seem like there is yet a way to access deleted notes (i.e., no recycle bin), only a way to access older versions of existing notes. If @laurent or anyone else knows if this is incorrect, please chime in.

In the case of these particular notes, what's the point of restoring them even if you could? They don't show any content.

If notebook(s) that the deleted notes came from are still isolated in Joplin, and you have the corresponding ENEX files (or corresponding notebook in Evernote), I think the easiest solution is:

  1. make a JEX backup - just in case; if everything goes well, you can delete this backup
  2. delete the relevant notebook(s) in Joplin
  3. open the enex file in a text editor (such as Notepad++) and perform the search and replace that Laurent suggested in your import thread. This is very fast because you can search/replace in one enex in one click (Replace All, just like search/replace in Word or equivalent document app).
  4. Import those enex files and you should not only have your inadvertently deleted notes (along with intentionally deleted notes in same notebook from step #2 above), but those notes will now contain viewable and editable content.

They have content. It just doesn't show up without editing, because of some bizarre code that somehow got in there.

So if I'm in this view, they look completely blank -- as though I accidentally created a note and then didn't use it.

But they're not really blank, which becomes apparent when I switch back to the other editor:

I can't begin to guess how or why Evernote did this, but I have probably a few dozen like this. I deleted the first few before it occurred to me that they probably weren't really empty.

I understand. Follow the steps I outlined above, and you'll get the deleted notes back and hopefully they will not have that formatting.

You could of course manually strip out that formatting on a note by note basis, but seems it will be much quicker to clean up the enex and reimport.

That makes sense. Thanks!

There are sometimes hidden text like this in Evernote notes and when importing Joplin respect that, but maybe in some cases it shouldn't. Would you be able to export just that one note as ENEX so that I can try to see how it should look in Evernote compared to Joplin?

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Is it possible to create a default system trash notebook and move the 'deleted' notes in it in future Joplin versions? It works very well for Evernote, MacOS Finder and many other applications.

Another thread that discusses this feature


I have multiple copies of things now, from where I was shuffling things around trying to figure out what was broken. It's one of these two, but I'm not certain which one, or if they're coded the same.

(Interestingly, the one that was "original" has no title in EN, but when I imported the notebook's ENEX during my attempts to test it, it gave it a title. In other words, they're two copies of what should be an identical note, but even EN is treating them differently.)

Not-Really-Blank-Note2.enex (1.7 KB) Not-Really-Blank-Note.enex (1.7 KB)

Thanks, there was indeed an issue with the way invisible sections were detected. This is fixed now and will be in the next pre-release, so if you have a few notes like this you might want to re-import them once the pre-release is out (which should probably be today or tomorrow).


Oh, cool. Thank you!

I lost some note when I renamed the folder and during a synch it deleted the old folder but didn't create a new one with the contents. But even more urgent... I'm having synch issues that no one has been able to sort out:

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