Error when trying to change email address in my profile

Hi folks!

I am running v2.7.4 in docker-compose via Portainer Stacks. All is run onto OpenMediaVault 6 running on Debian 11.

When I try to register my email and change password, I get the following message:

"A confirmation email has been sent to your new address. Please follow the link in that email to confirm. Your email will only be updated after that." I have never received the confirmation email

I am well aware that people have asked the same question before. I wanted to comment there but the threads were closed. I am referring for example to this

I am trying to figure out. Is everything ok in my config? What password should I put at MAILER_AUTH_PASSWORD= ? Is it ok that I put the password I try to use in the Joplin interface in "Your profile" settings?

This is my config:

version: '3'

        image: postgres:13
            - /opt/joplin/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data
            - "5432:5432"
        restart: unless-stopped
            - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password
            - POSTGRES_USER=joplin
            - POSTGRES_DB=joplin
        image: joplin/server:latest
            - db
            - "22300:22300"
        restart: unless-stopped
            - APP_PORT=22300
            - APP_BASE_URL=
            - DB_CLIENT=pg
            - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password
            - POSTGRES_DATABASE=postgres
            - POSTGRES_USER=joplin
            - POSTGRES_PORT=5432
            - POSTGRES_HOST=db
            - MAILER_ENABLED=1
            - MAILER_PORT=587
            - MAILER_SECURITY=starttls
            - MAILER_AUTH_PASSWORD=otherPassword
            - MAILER_NOREPLY_NAME=JoplinServer

Thank you so much!

MAILER_AUTH_PASSWORD is the password of your email provider (gmail).

You can also see all sent (even if they haven't really been sent) emails in the admin account under Admin > Emails. There you can click on the authentication link without even configuring the email stuff.

I understand now. That does not seem safe.
Thank you clearing this thing out though.

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