Am not receiving an email confirmation when changing the default Admin login with Joplin Server?

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So I got Joplin all installed on my Unraid server as part of my move to becoming more selfhost-sufficient, and Joplin looked like a great way of escaping the Apple notes iCloud ecosystem!

I installed the Server on my Unraid box by using the docker-compose.server.yml template from the Github, and tweaking it to my needs. Now, I am still really new to the whole selfhosting game, nad out of all my knowledge, networking/databases that kinda stuff is by far my weakest point. But after playing around I am pretty sure I got it to work! I can access the webUI to login with the default credentials, and I can also access/sync notes on the Windows app and the iOS app too. So imma just roll with it and not question my setup..!

My only real issue, is that I cannot get a confirmation email to come through when trying to change the default admin email address to my own. In the admin page of Joplin Server, I can change the password, and my username, but when I change the email, it says "A confirmation email has been sent to your new address. Please follow the link in that email to confirm. Your email will only be updated after that.". However, I never receive any email at all.

After poking around online, it seems I need to set up the MAILER variables in the Docker compose yml file? Or setup SMTP perhaps? I am honestly not sure.

Check the attached screenshots for examples of what I have found. I have attempted to tweak those MAILER variables to my own setup, but literally NOTHING seems to be working!!

To note, I use Proton Mail / SimpleLogin, so I am not sure if this is important to know when setting these variables.

  • MAILER: 1 - that makes sense.
  • MAILER_HOST: My email service that I use is Proton Mail, so what would this be in my case? All the examples seem to be for gmail. Or does that not matter?
  • MAILER_PORT: What does this need to be set to? What is this port number even referring to?
  • MAILER_SECURITY: Again, what does this need to be set to for my use case? This is another one that seems to vary from example to example online.
  • MAILER_AUTH_USER: I assume this is my email address - i.e. the one I am trying to change to use in the Joplin admin page.
  • MAILER_AUTH_PASSWORD: Now- what is this the password to??! Is this my Joplin password? Is this my Proton Mail password? Is this the default admin password?!!
  • MAILER_NOREPLY: I guess this is the same as AUTH_USER ?

From trying to research this online, I found a couple threads on this forum, but it seems like they fixed the issue by editing these variables. Which is just not working for me!
If someone could help shed some light on this whole changing-the-email-but-never-receiving-the-confirmation business, that would be extremely helpful. I feel like I am going mad !

Thank yous kindly.


joplin mailer.png

@ShinyCard welcome to the forum.

The information you need is the same as that required when setting up an email client with your email provider. However in this case you only need the sending details (smtp) and not the receiving details (pop/imap).

smtp server address. Not ProtonMail as ProtonMail does not allow direct access to the smtp server due to encryption requirements

This is the port the smtp server listens on (The mail service provider should provide this information) normally 465 or 587

This is the security the smtp server uses and can be "tls", "starttls" or "none" (The mail service provider should provide this information)

This is the mail address / user ID used to log in to the smtp server (The mail service provider should provide this information).

This is the password for logging on to the smtp server (The mail service provider should provide this information)

Whatever email you want the message to display (some smtp servers may require this to be the same as the MAILER_AUTH_USER address)

You cannot send mail by connecting to the ProtonMail smtp server. To send and receive mail you have to use the ProtonMail web app or desktop mail client or, if you want to use your own email client, install ProtonMail Bridge. ProtonMail Bridge handles the encryption and creates a local smtp / imap server address on that machine to connect the email client to. Not sure if / how you could use that with a server.

If you don't otherwise need to use email you can leave the mail facility switched off and just view the message in the server Admin section and copy the link from the copy of the mail stored there.

Admin > Emails > Click the subject of the email to see the message and copy the link into a browser