Error: Uploading content is disabled

Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, darwin)
Joplin for Desktop MacOS

I am syncing with JoplinCloud.

My account was over data, so I deleted most of the attachments. It should be within limits now, but it does not sync properly.

The error "Uploading content is disabled" is still active.

Could you please help me? Thanks.

Hello please could you send me a PM with your email address?

Could you please tell me how to send you a PM in this forum? I cannot find a way to do so.

  • Click your profile picture (top right).
  • Click the head / shoulders icon.
  • Click "Summary".
  • Select the "Messages" tab.
  • Select the blue "New Message" button.

There are other routes to the Messages tab but the above will get you there :slight_smile:

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Thank you - I do not have a "Messages" Tab. I signed in via github - could this be the problem?

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