Error: Uploading content is disabled

  • Joplin 2.11.11 (prod, win32)
  • Syncing with Joplin Cloud
  • Using Joplin for Desktop, Windows 11

My account was over data, and I deleted the attachments, so I should be within limits. Joplin still keeps giving me the error "Uploading content is disabled".
The error I get is
Synchronizer: Details: PUT api/items/root:/info.json:/content: Uploading content is disabled (403): {"error":"Uploading content is disabled"}

I looked at a similar topic (but couldn't post the direct link, I think I am too new here)
The solution there was to contact directly with a PM. Is this still the case?

Please help?

It may take up to 2h for the system to be updated. Did you delete the attachments directly from Tools => Attachments ?

Thanks laurent,
I tried

  1. Deleting the attachment in the editor
  2. Deleting the attachment from Tools => Attachments
  3. Changing "keep note history" from 90 days to 1 day (and waited a day)
  4. Deleting the whole notebook

But still repeating the error.

Did you do that more than two hours ago?

Yes, this was all yesterday, more than 24 hours now.
I thought that the "keep note history" might be stopping the deletion, so I thought I should wait at least for one day.

To close off the topic, laurent did magic in the background to solve. Can't say enough thank yous.

Adding some advice for those that find themselves here.
When you turn on E2EE, the size of the data can increase to almost twice the original size. My backup .jex file was under 8GB so I didn't think it would be a problem, but ended up being way over 10GB.
I think the historical data was note helping, either.

I've cleaned up the attachments now, this will teach me to be more tidy. Also this has taught me to be careful about bulk uploading.

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