Uploading disabled


I am on Joplin Windows version 2.9.17 and did an encrypted backup of my data to Joplin cloud and it went fine. The next time I went to sync it suddenly gave me an uploading disabled account over limit (not sure if it tried to double upload my data?) I was on Joplin basic when I did it. I fiddled around and deleted my local notebook but it still refused to sync, rather than just deleting the stored online data.

Knowing I plan to have a lot more stored online eventually I went ahead and upgraded to pro but even that didn't remove the disabled syncs, I can't figure it out. I started with 600 megs of data, it now says I ahve 1.1 but as the screen shows, that 1.1 gigs is against my 10gig allocation but I still get the error.

I tried to send a message here but don't have the option even clicking on head/shoulder icon, summary, etc. Please help.

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