Embed any search - with content!

I just found your plugin, I was searching for this feature but then realized it already exists.
Thank you for providing Joplin with even more flexibility!
Without it I had to copy-paste long searches to use in my workflow, now I don't have to!

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Can this be done for regular tick boxes in regular notes?

Also any plans to support the visual editor? I do not see any results when I change to the visual one.

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In fact, I personally think this plug-in is very powerful. It can expand the display mode of many notes. It feels similar to the core function of "Notion", that is, it can read note data in different display modes.
Thank you very much for your efforts. I've been happy to find this plug-in for a long time.
It would be great if you could modify the CSS in later versions to get more presentation effects. Just like you can choose the sorting method after upgrading.
I think the project quantity should be larger, but it would be great if it could be realized. I look forward to it very much.

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Thanks so much for sharing this plugin, it is simple and reliable enough for my usage. I use this and [home note] to create a homepage that list "active notes" by put a "★" on the title of the notes that is actively working on at the moment and it works flawlessly. I know there is a [favorite] plugin but this setup works great for me.

Do you have plan to continue improve this plugin? I see that it has problem with printing and it would be great if we can have joplin style filter search (search title and tag). If not I may try to fork it later when I get some free time.

It is the open source dilemma, there are so many great plugins but I have this urge to customize all of them just to cater to my workflow.

Today, I found a new plug-in, which seems to realize the functions I want, but it is more complex. You can go and have a look. Its name is “note overview”。note-overview


When I found note-overview, I didn't see a reason to keep embed search,
it is doing all the same stuff plus a lot more !

But maybe embed search has benefits I haven't seen yet (@steffenms) ?

Yes you can check the box for todo inside :wink:

I think "embed any search" has more freedom because it can be inserted into any location, including HTML I write myself, and make appropriate "CSS" for it.

Although the implementation is not so perfect, it can at least meet the needs.

However, "note Overview" can only refresh the whole page according to its rules. It is also the case that some people ask questions under this plug-in. They can't use their favorite "CSS". Each refresh will rearrange the whole page, and you can't keep other content you added.

I try to use "note Overview" to query first, and use "embed any search" to introduce it into the page I designed.
Experiments show that it can be implemented, but the format will have some problems. I really hope this function can be used in combination. Maybe there are excellent developers who can help implement it, such as the author of this plug-in. :joy:

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Many thanks for reply.

If You take a look here and see what meldarionqeusse shows,
the css will work together with overview.
You have also the opportunity to implement the css into userstyle.css.

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@ambrt, I really like this plugin. It is so useful and easy to use.

Question: Is there a way to filter the search query so that only checked or unchecked todos show?

Maybe you can try this, which I found in the official search for tutorial documentation.


More here:Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities

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Thanks, @artdupengyun. This worked perfectly.

I tried this once before but must have made mistake (iscomplete vs. incompleted). Thanks for prompting me to give it another look. For those who might be interested, here's the simple syntax:


A suggestion for a new feature.
Now we can search by tag, adding the row:

Search query

II wonder if is possible to exclude tag, a sort of:

Search query

Thanks for the useful plugin!!!

Wow - this is a superb plugin. The only thing missing for me is the results showing up on wysiwyg mode, the mode I usually dwell in.

Hello, can the search results display the note path and display it according to the notebook?

you can do that this way:


which is even simpler than what you had in mind :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a one-time search that also shows the results in the editor view.

The reason I ask is because I would like to have this feature in the mobile version as well. Since the mobile version does not support plugins, I would simply run the same search on the Desktop Version once in a while to update the hub note...

Sorry for the silly question, but if I install the plugin and create a note that uses it, what will appear on the same note on a synced Android instance where there is no plugin?

You'll see nothing. Only the code for the search, like this one for example :

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To add to this, if you want a plugin that does similar stuff look into the Note Overview Plugin. It's not live and interactive like this one but it does have a lot of customisability and the results are outputted in markdown so you'll still be about to see it on mobile

CC: @Herve5

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