Embed any search - with content!

Great plugin!

But it seems for me, that the search option


is not longer working. (Joplin 2.12.19 and Embeded search V2.0.0)

I downgrade to Joplin 2.11.11 and there this option is working without any problems.

Very useful plugin, but for me it's not simply that it won't show in RTE, but opening in RTE strips the embedded searches so they have to be coded again each time I accidentally switch to RTE.

Joplin Desktop 3.0.2

EDIT: Actually, it seems to be each time the note is edited in RTE

At present, plugins need to add additional metadata to generated HTML to support the rich text editor. The metadata tells Joplin how to convert the plugin-generated HTML back to Markdown. The embed-search plugin may not be including this metadata (see the relevant code).

Works great on both Desktop (Joplin 2.14.20/Embed Search 2.0.0) and Android (Joplin 3.0.1 pre-release/Embed Search assumed 2.0.0).

Around 1/2 second slowdown when opening notes with embedded search, which makes it feel "a little laggy". I was expecting 5-10 seconds of waiting while processing so pleasantly surprised at the speed on mobile.

Tested an in-note search for a tag through two notebooks with 1000+ notes on a 3yr old mid/high-end phone (Snapdragon 778) resulting in 70+ results.

Very nice!

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I would like to ask for some more sorting methods, especially one using the alarm in the to-dos; perhaps even grouping them by alarm date or like the output produced by the agenda plugin.

Anyone else interested in this?