Embed any search - with content!

Hi @ambrt,
I tested your plugin and I'll use it to organize my todo's. For tasks in the future I name my notes like "2021-08 do anything". So with your plugin I search for tasks in this year or a special month or in the past. So for this I would be great if I can sort the note list by title (ascending, descending).

Please, can you add this feature. I know, at the moment joplin itself sort the search result by relevance. But maybe you can sort it afterwards.


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@th-ros @steffenms
Variable for current notebook and sorting are next on improvements list.

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Hi @ambrt
I wanted to emphasize how great your plugin improved my usage of Joplin.
I always thought I wanted saved searches, but now I know, embed search is what I needed!

Your plugin basically enabled me to perform my GTD workflows and reviews in Joplin. It is simply great.
I hope this plugin will work on mobile sometime in the future.


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Newbie here - I am not sure how to make this work ... I am using the backtick as you suggest, create a new note and add the search text as in your sample but all I get is a note with the search term displayed - no list of notes. Note sure what to expect and can't find a help file in the repository ...

Please advise


I have noticed why some of my queries do not work. If there are ANY spaces after the word "search" then the query will not work. HTH

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This block has to be also closed with 3 backticks
and as @markrenier after ```search there should be no spaces.

If this doesn't help, post and we will try to figure it out.

Finally found time to do it so i just released newest version 1.0.9.
It has both new features:

  • sort ascending and descending with sort:asc and sort:desc
  • shorthand notebook:this for searches in current notebook only.

And those two can even be combined:

notebook:this sort:asc search text
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Thanks, sorting works.
But I found a bug:
In my tests I wrote a wrong search keyword with sort:dasc and the result list shows all my notes. Same behavior for sort:bla.

I see. Just checked this and its Joplin wide behavior and as such it goes down to this plugin.
If you put sort:dasc in Joplin's search box it will list all the notes too.

Hi - thanks. Updated plugin. Here's the search string (I think I have taken care with spaces):


Result is a single link 'cars'. Double click only takes me to a rather mysterious dialog (no idea what to do with it!):


Note 1 (in case it makes a difference): the notebooks I am searching are imports from Evernote.

Note 2: the regular search does not seem to display number of retrievals ... but that may be nothing to do with this plugin.

Thanks for any further advice

Oops! - forgot to set text to show search string. Here's what I used for the embedded search:

``` search

Quite surprising but found how to replicate it.
There are two things
First, you probably use Rich Text editor (the icon on the right side of screen):
Screenshot from 2021-03-01 19-23-59

Those plugins actually don't work in this editor. They only work
with Markdown editor (the one with "M" and arrow down).

Rich Text editor isn't included with what we (plugins developers) can mingle with on Joplin (at least as of today).

The second thing is that there is no space between first triple tick ``` and keyword search.
So it has to be ```search and not ``` search.

When you include this space, the effect in Rich Editor i exactly as in picture you posted.
If you remove the space links still won't be visible but at least there will be no visible link pointing to the dialog.
(But links should be visible in Markdown Preview pane)

If you have any questions, i will try to help.

OK thanks

I've got all that and at first I still couldn't get a result and was left wondering how the hell I execute the action.

But I discovered just now that I have to toggle the editor layout!! (CTRL-L) and it works fine. :grinning:

Should that have been obvious? As I say, I'm new to Joplin so still learning how to control it ...

Thanks for help ... I think I am being a bit thick! :woozy_face: but dumbness now exorcised! :heart_eyes_cat:

... for now ...

Anyway, nice plugin - will be useful..


Guys and gals there is a cool new beta feature: embed content of listed notes.

Add content:true to search query and it will list text body of notes.
It has basic link support (internal notes and external links).
It doesn't support markdown inside those bodies (i gotta figure out how to do it)

All improvement ideas and bugs are welcomed - like how would you like to separate each note?

Tell me what you think.


Thanks again for the great work @ambrt
I have yet another request. I know this is rather related to the general search feature, but I am desperately waiting for this to work. I need to combine basic search with search logic:
/"- [ ]" notebook:this
This would list all the notes with an open todo checkbox in the current notebook.
I think it is obvious how this can be helpful, and it drives me crazy, that such a simple search is not possible in Joplin yet.
Any chance you can make this work? I would really appreciate it.


This is a really interesting feature. I do not have a meaningful use case for this in my mind. However, this reminds me of some feature of tiddly wiki. Embedding tiddlers in other tiddlers is a core functionality, and it easily allows to setup templates and more.
Did you have any certain use case in mind, when you created this feature?

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I just checked that Joplin itself returns notes from all notebooks for /"- [ ]" and any notebook:name combination.
And this plugin is based on the same search function.

To work around this i manually write checkboxes with same prefix like this:
- [ ] Name
and then search for

/"- [ ] Name" 

I'm not sure how much work it would require
to implement Joplin wide search with notebook:
syntax but i guess it wouldn't be fast task.
(Notebook: and /"- [ ]" are some two different search engines as it is pointed out in docs)

Yes, i have very long note that includes many projects.
Each project has its own smaller notes.

Embedding search with body of each project's notes gives bird eye view across all of them.
I work inside those smaller notes to keep them one/two screens max but i sometimes need to scroll through whole thing in one go.

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If I set content:true to content:false to toggle between title only and title with content, I get a list of all notes. As a workaround I can set content: to have only the titles listed. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have a little help to know that it is a true/false setting and not some other parameter.

version on github is 1.0.10 and version in my joplin instance is 1.0.11.
I can't export a PDF from the expanded contents of an embedded search currently, but it has been fixed according to a different thread. Export is broken when using assets in MarkdowIt plugin · Issue #4452 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

This is such a great plugin. I did not know I was missing this :slight_smile:

When content:true it displays a broken image symbol instead of images in the referenced note. That is not a big deal, but maybe that is worth looking at.

PS: Also, I noticed that unlike the note-overview plugin, which has overlapping use-cases, the search result for this plugin isn't actually stored in the note. So when I open the note with the embed search code on my mobile phone, the search code and no note links appear. That is a drawback, I think.

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