New user - observations and requests

As a long time Evernote user, I looked at Joplin quite some time ago, but it didn't seem quite usable to me, then. Yesterday, I took another look, and it seems that Joplin has come a long way.

I only have about 2 GB worth of data in Evernote. I'm sure others have much more. Exporting each folder from Evernote and importing to Joplin was a painful process that took several hours. I now have the folder structure matching Evernote, so I can compare the two.

At first glance, Joplin seems a bit slower than Evernote (I'm still using the "Legacy" version). The folder sort order doesn't match Evernote, or Windows 10. A Folder with an underscore at the beginning sorts after numbers, not before. Folders with numbers don't sort in proper numerical order.

NEVER MIND. I FOUND THIS UNDER THE INFO BUTTON. When using the web clipper (in Firefox), the URL of the clipped page does not get saved with the note, like Evernote does. I have to copy/paste the URL manually, which is a real PITA.

As for requests, I definitely support the viewing of inline PDF files, as others have requested. A feature that I didn't see requested is a text highlighting button in the WYSIWIG editor. I can go into the markdown editor and manually add tags, but I'd rather just have a button in the toolbar.

I will continue to experiment with Joplin. Right now, I would not switch from Evernote, but Joplin is getting very close to that goal, for me. I guess it's too much to hope that I'll be able to switch before my next Evernote renewal, in February :frowning: